Kennel Zweierteam

We got our first dog, chow chow, in 1975. Our chow chow lived in part of our family since April 1st, 1988. We didn't want to be without a dog so we started to leaf through dog books and think what would be the best breed for us. It wasn't hard at all when we heard that we have a possibility to visit a family with two bernese bitches and the breed was clear. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A BERNESE!

Getting a bernese puppy wasn't as simple as we thought because in that time there weren't so many bernese breeders. We started to phone through the list of breeders asking for puppies and a breeder in Rovaniemi was able to help us. Kennel Lapintuulen was expecting their first bernese litter born in May 1988. Now we had something to wait for. But after we had thought about the idea having a bernese with us we got more excited. We would like to have two berneses, would that be possible? We made a phone call to the breeder, Aila Koskiniemi, and she had nothing against it. We started to wait for the puppies to grow. We had to go through a tough control until we got any puppies. In the beginning of the July we travelled to Rovaniemi by plane and took our berneses home. It was a great feeling to be an owner of a bernese.

Time lapsed and the puppies grew and we got a dog show fever! That fever has lasted over ten years. Our bitches looked so like a typical bernese so we thought that we could have offspring. So we travelled to Denmark and there we visited with both bitches. Nappi (Lapintuulen Aamukaste) had the first turn but she stayed empty. We had better luck with Penni (Lapintuulen Pyrstötähti) and we had our first litter with 3 puppies and that was the start of all. In the spring 1990 getting a name for the kennel came actual and we had to think through what would be a good name for our kennel. The kennel name should be German... and we sent our application to the Finnish Kennel Club. Our first option was Morgenrote but someone already had the name. Our second option was Zweierteam (span in English) and it felt right because our purpose was to take care of the kennel together.

Our first litter was born 22.10.1990 for Penni (Lapintuulen Pyrstötähti) and the second litter was born 9.11.1993 for Nappi (Lapintuulen Aamukaste). We tried to mate our bitches during the years 1990-1995 but they didn't work out so we had to think something else. We were lucky to have a bernese bitch from Germany. Vera (Vera vom Veit) was born on valentine's day 1996 and has had three litters.

Dog shows is a hobby of our family and it is weird to stay at home some weekend in the summer.

Z-day 2011